About Chizu Omori Encaustic Art

Born and raised in Kagawa Japan, I now have an art studio in NYC. My passion and focus is making encaustic, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.

I grew up in a family of crafts people. My grandfather, father and cousins were craftsmen in the building trade. Some of my other relatives were blacksmiths, and decorative lacquerware artists.

Whenever I watched them at work, I observed the intense focus of their attention. The process of creating something beautiful out of nothing has always fascinated me.

When I began making art, I hadn't thought about it consciously, but I began to feel the influence of the artistry within my family.

When I am deeply involved in my work, I feel a strong connection to my roots and with my ancestors.

The process of encaustic painting begins with melting pure beeswax mixed with pigments on a metal hot plate.

When the wax is completely liquid, I use a special brushes and other tools to layer the colored wax onto paper ans wooden panels.

The way the wax moves and overlaps, reminds me of the way glaze melted onto the pottery that I had been making for many years.

The creation process progresses through the harmony between intention, chance and inevitability.

My work is inspired by everyday life and from the natural world. Light, color, energy, vibration, atmosphere and intuition are all important factors.

The studio I'm now working is located in Manhattan's historic wholesale flower district. It's inspiring to work every day surrounded by the fresh energy of various kinds of beautiful flowers and plants, gathered from all over the world.

Everything is meant to happen.

No matter what happens in our small world, the universe is always moving the earth, and us forward.

I want my work to capture a moment in time. That we can feel and remember the brilliant energy within each moment, the brilliance of the soul.

Infinite love and infinite possibilities.

If you’d like to commission a custom-made painting, please feel free to ask!

Here's a link to work available in my online shop.

Here's a link to prints available in my online shop.

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